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About Embrace Podcast

I am excited to share that my podcast received its first nomination for AVN Wards 2023 for BEST ADULT PODCAST! 

Voting is still open once daily through Jan 7th and its free, quick and greatly appreciated. 

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What is Embrace all about?

What types of topics are discussed?

Who is the host?

What kind of guests are on the show?

How often do we release an episode?

"EMBRACE" ", hosted by Coralyn Jewel is a sex-positive podcast in season 2 with new releases every Monday. 

New episodes will begin again January 2023, with new intro, new sponsors, new guests and new studioQ!

Thank you for your patience. 

The topics are adult oriented and focus careers, updates & news within the adult industry, Alternative relationship styles, kinks, fetishes, gender identity, and more.

Coralyn's message is simple, live your best life. To truly be happy in life, you need to be proud of who you are. It is time we stop living to meet what others expect from us. Embrace your sexuality, express your fantasies, explore your kinks & fetishes & don't be afraid to be who you are. You only have 1 life to live, it's your life take it back.


About the Host

Coralyn JewelProfile Photo

Coralyn Jewel

Author/Sexologist/Adult Performer/speaker/educator/coach

Coralyn is on a mission through her books, articles, weekly podcasts, and her Sex-Positive seminars to help break the misconceptions and judgment of those who choose the adult industry as their career and those who choose to be involved in an alternative relationship that deviates from what society considers the “Norm”.
In addition to being an international best-selling author of When the Ice Melts: The Story of Coralyn Jewel, Coralyn is certified as a master's sexologist, Podcaster, adult performer, Lifestyle Coach, Swing Club Owner, motivational speaker, and event planner.
Coralyn is an open book and by sharing her obstacles, accomplishments and challenges along the way she hopes to help others struggling to truly find who they are and live life the way they want to.