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Nov. 1, 2022

Everything Stems From Something

Everything Stems from something


I thought today for my entry that I would dig deeper into a topic that intrigues me and something that I have wanted to learn more about.   

I've chosen today to do the research and share with you regarding various fetishes and kinks that are a bit less prevalent than the mommy son, daddy daughter roleplay that I often portray in my sessions. 

For those of you that maybe just began following my Podcast and my writing, I love my job and regardless of which job am I at, I give it my all.  This can be creating a custom video or a webcam session or a phone call with a client for the chat agency I work for. 

I never judge anyone for their request,  instead I try to understand them and learn more about their  preferences.  I want to make the experience as memorable as possible for them and I want to enjoy the show as well.  

Sometimes, however, it is difficult to portray the character that they are requesting because I don't quite understand where the fantasy stems from.  

In the past 10 years when I have taken the time to research the roleplay scenario, I have been able to provide a successful session with my customer which in turn, brings them back for another session.  

My blog entry today will dig a little deeper into some of the more unfamiliar requests that I receive as a webcam performer.   This will help not only other Cam models that read my articles and are listening to my Podcast but also the general public to step back for a second.  I always reiterate that everything stems from something else so try to learn and understand where the desire comes from. 

As I began researching first, just more unique fetishes, some of them I could not bring myself to write about as they were rather disturbing.  What was even more difficult was the fact that some of these fetishes, I could not find anything to help clarify why someone would be aroused by such things as throw up or feces.    

Luckily, I am not going to go more in depth on those today as those are not requests I get often, but, let it be known, I have received both of those requests and I politely chose to decline. 

Here is one that has been asked of me numerous times.  Do I offer Eproctophilia?  As I am sure most of you can understand, thank goodness for google to do a quick clarification of this request.  The definition is flatulence, the arousal from farts, my dilemma, sound or odor?    My questions did not  stop there, as I wanted to know how many people are able to release gas on demand.  I was curious how many times I was going to be requested to release gas and what if I was not able to.  

These guys are always one step ahead of me on the answer, “a baby nose booger sucker” of course.  Why didn’t I think of that; to squeeze air up my rear and release gas of course.  These guys never miss a beat, and always have an answer.

Now, why is this a turn on? Well, in my research there really were only 2 studies I could find on this fetish.  One from a man who identifies as Brad and explained how he liked the sound, the louder and smellier the better.  The article explained his preference to hear the sound through clothing versus nude, but here is what caught my attention.  The first time he realized he was turned on by someone releasing gas, was when he heard a girl in the 7th grade had farted in front of the class.  Although, he knew everyone farted, he found is sexually stimulating that this young girl let gas go in public.  So, my theory is he associates his first time feeling attraction towards the opposite sex with  the young girl farting in class and it triggers a fond memory of his first time feeling butterflies for the opposite sex.

For a little extra vocabulary to add for you, Olfactophilia is the name of the fetish associated with odor and not necessarily specific to flatulence; it can be various types of body odor such as foot or armpit.  We are not going to dig deeper into this one at this moment, as it is not a request I have engaged in, since smell can not be detected through a webcam session.

Here is one I get often, tickling fetish.  The request to use a pillow as the client and straddle the pillow while forcefully tickling and giving zerberts.  This is known as knismophilia or titillagnia, where sexual pleasure and arousal derive from tickling or being tickled.  I did find though, that in many instances, the tickling does not have to peak to an orgasm and can remain with just hysterical laughter and no sexual gratification, which in my experience has often been the case. Interestingly, knismophilia appears to have been one of the least researched fetishes  academically and clinically and I found very little information on the psychology behind it.

I will close with a webcam request I have only ever received once,  Ahegao, a Japanese pornography term to describe exaggerated facial expression of characters partaking in sexual activity, mostly female.  These are very distinct facial descriptions such as, rolling or crossed eyes, protruding tongue, and slightly reddened face, to show enjoyment or ecstasy. The whites of the eyes are visible, the mouth is open and the tongue is sticking out.  I do have a vivid memory of my client using this exact description when requesting his show.  Ready for the kicker? He wanted me to humiliate him for making those types of facial expressions and his punishment was that he could not finish and release if his face showed any of those traits.  

From my research, the arousal for the person not making the faces is seeing someone reach an intense level of ecstasy which makes sense, to see your partner enjoy themselves and so I found this one had the most clarity, my confusion was me watching him make the face. With that being said, he sure looked better then I would have trying to poetry what he was after, so more power to him.  .

Whatever your fetish, kink or fantasy may be,  I really do believe no one has the right to judge unless someone is being harmed.  As a performer, chat  agent, coach or interviewer it is important to listen with an open mind and try to understand to the best of your ability the scenario being asked of you.   My best-advice is if you do not know, it is ok to ask.   Your client wants a good roleplay and you want a happy client.   The saying goes, “ Ask or you won’t receive” and  my favorite piece of advice in so many scenarios, communication is key. 

Till next time

Stay true to yourself and live your life for you

Coralyn Jewel