Embrace Your Sexuality with your host Coralyn Jewel
Nov. 1, 2022

Our Future Generation


I had the opportunity last week to appear as a guest speaker for a group of students finishing their final year of schooling specializing in sex therapy. Dr Murray, a sex-positive Therapist who specializes in kink and alternative lifestyles was a guest on my Podcast in 2020 and is a professor invited me as a guest to a group of his students for an online seminar.

It was so refreshing how eager these students were to learn and ask questions about the
Swinger Lifestyle community as well as the Adult Industry.  Many of them are already seeing
clients and shared with me some of the questions their clients had and were interested in my thoughts.

During the two hour class it was very interesting to see how much has changed with the Internet and the ability for students to do a lot of their research online via various sex-positive online outlets.

It dawned on Dr.Murray and I that our educational visual guide was PBS, as we laughed both agreeing this was not the best place to get details on what actually occurred at a Swingers event.

Many of my articles refer to the fact that sometimes I feel like we are going backwards with
progress of acceptance of various alternative lifestyles and gender identity. After hearing how much information these students learn from the Internet from various sex-positive online platforms which offer guidance and education, I felt a sense of hope.

Many of the questions these students asked me were related to the misconceptions and stigmas regarding the Swinger Lifestyle and the Adult Industry. I spent 2 hours with these students in various discussions and also got to know just a little bit about each of them. Some of them have 14 hour days when combining classes, seeing clients to fulfill the hourly requirements and even working a part time job to cover everyday expenses.

So remember the next time you feel like our future generation is doomed for failure, which I
often do feel, I am thankful for that sense of hope after spending time with these brilliant young adults. The eagerness is their eyes to learn how they could contribute to making the future a more sex positive and judgment free zone was the perfect way to end a long work week and head into my weekend feeling positive and at ease.

Till next time, Be true to yourself and continue to open your mind and heart to learn and listen.

Coralyn Jewel