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March 13, 2023

Don't be so quick to judge: This week we welcome Layla Scott

Don't be so quick to judge: This week we welcome Layla Scott

Every week I am reminded that every single one of us has a story and people are so quick to judge without knowing the whole back end. Once again, another guest shares their story and I continue to realize why I am doing these podcasts and fighting to get my message out. 

I encourage you to listen, share, learn, and understand.   We may all come from different ethnicities, religions, countries, and backgrounds but we all have one thing in common and it often seems to be forgotten, we all bleed the same color.

This week I welcome Layla Scott to Embrace. Layla and I met at the AVN awards in January where Layla was working at one of the vendors' booths.

Layla joins us to share the story of her childhood, her disabilities, and her confusion about growing up as a man, being attracted to women but not sure where her place was or where she fits in. In 2021 she found herself.

It is so important that our youth are taught not everyone is the same and that teasing and bullying can have lifelong effects on someone's mental state.

During our interview, I also learned that Layla, diagnosed with cerebral palsy and epilepsy amongst other medical diagnoses,  earned her peers' admiration and respect in 1996 when she represented the United States in the Atlanta summer Paralympics taking home two medals in track and field. 

I introduce you to Layla who is still learning and coming to terms as a member of the Trans community. Layla shows courage, emotion, pain, and happiness throughout this interview.  You can see the pain she has gone through just by looking into her eyes.  I am confident in saying she is one of the most genuine, kindhearted, and caring guests I have met on my journey.  

If you know someone experiencing the same confusion, emotional pain, bullying, and teasing, and unaware of where to turn to for guidance. Start with this week's amazing guest, Layla Scott.

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