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Dec. 6, 2021

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Lily & Alphonso Interview

Hankie Pankie Podcast - Lily & Alphonso Interview

This week on The Hankie Pankie Podcast, Coralyn interviews Lily Craven and Alphonso Layz.

Lily Craven Bio:

Lily Craven is an independent, self-taught, model, actress, webcam model, editor, producer,  & radio  host of “Phone Sex With Lily Show”, where she interview Adult Industry Talent in front and behind the camera. Don’t miss the beginning of each episode where Lily has phone sex with her guests. Phone Sex with Lily Show can be heard on Spotify, Anchor, and she's very thrilled to announce, SkyHawkAfterDarkTV.com.

Alphonso Layz Bio:

Alfonso Layz is Male talent 2021 AVN Award winner, producer, director and performer for his own production company, www.pornbreadinc.com He recently collaborated with Lily craven and Blush Erotica’s Cinematographer shot the video. Mr Layz composed all the music and they both feel so strongly about how this film it is not a typical gonzo film but instead a passionate love saga. The movie Begins with the Love Saga and ends with xxxxxxxx . The journey back to an Adult film with a story line, characters and an undeniable chemistry and connection between both Lily and Alphonso.  All of the music in the video is written and performed by Alfonso Layz.

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