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Aug. 1, 2022

High Profile Life Podcasts interviews Adult Industry Attorney Corey Silverstein

High Profile Life Podcasts interviews Adult Industry Attorney Corey Silverstein

In this episode, Coralyn invites Adult Industry Attorney Corey Silverstein from Silverstein Legal to discuss his career as an attorney, and his reasonings for specializing in adult industry law.  You will not only learn some of the legal issues at hand but Corey shares the obstacles and challenges as a First Amendment lawyer and Free-Speech Advocate. 

Corey earned his Juris Doctor degree in 2006 followed by founding the firm in 2006 and has now been practicing law for over a decade.  His Affiliations & Licenses include; The State Bar of Michigan, The District of Columbia Bar, State Bar of Georgia, State Bar of Arizona, State Bar of New York, Commercial Law League of America, First Amendment Lawyers Association,  Jewish Bar Association of Michigan and Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (F.I.R.E.) and that's just mentioning a few. 

Silverstein has been published in such periodicals as the Detroit News, the New York Times, FOX News, MSNBC, the Miami Herald, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, and various other news outlets. Mr. Silverstein has also been featured as a legal expert on WXYZ Detroit (ABC Network) and has been a featured speaker and presenter at tradeshows and conferences across the world, including, the United States, Canada, Colombia, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

To inquire with Mr. Silverstein regarding a question, case, or concern please visit  https://websiteattorney.com/

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