Embrace Your Sexuality with your host Coralyn Jewel
Sept. 26, 2022

Host, Coralyn Jewel digs a little deeper into Kink vs Fetish

Host, Coralyn Jewel digs a little deeper into Kink vs Fetish
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When I started working in the industry in 2012 as a web cam model and custom content creator I was not familiar with a lot of the terminology or abbreviations for certain fetish requests.  I many times turned to google for assistance.  I also early on in my career was sometimes a bit thrown off, confused and could not quite understand where the turn on was for the request being asked of me.   As I gained more experience, studied more & educated myself, I saw things very differently.  It is someone else's kink, fetish, fantasy and it is not my job to understand their reasoning for this request but instead without judgement to do my job and roleplay out their request to the best of my ability.  Never judge, or Kink shame if its not your thing turn the other direction.  "To each their own".

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