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Oct. 25, 2021

The Hankie Pankie Podcast - Sean Elliot Interview

The Hankie Pankie Podcast - Sean Elliot Interview

This episode of the Hankie Hankie Podcast Coralyn interviews Sean Elliot AKA: Bobby Golden. Sean Elliot was born in Western New York, spent his teens in Rhode Island and went off to college in Miami, then transferred into pre-law in Connecticut.

After graduation with a BA in political science, and a minor in drama, he promptly informed his parents that he wasn’t going to be a lawyer…or a doctor ..or an architect or whatever the standard fare that his parents expected from a nice Jewish boy. He let them know that he was going to New York to study acting.

They promptly told Steve , good luck and you’re on your own.

He enrolled and was accepted into the Lee Strasburg Theatre  Institute and almost immediately started getting bit parts on soap operas and films in the New York area.

One day, he answered an ad in The Village Voice. “Wanted , male actors for feature film being shot in Upstate New York. Some nudity may be involved…And that was the beginning of Sean Elliot, adult film actor.

4 year career won best actor in Scoundrels got in & got out, when on to get married have children and open his own company unrelated to porn.

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