Embrace Your Sexuality with your host Coralyn Jewel


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Love the conversation

Really informative for, me a male. Definitely have to listen more to learn more about women.

Highly Recommend!!

Corayln Jewel is a great interviewer and has the most interesting guest on her podcast!!

Very intriguing

First, she is funny and entertaining. I can tell she is loving what she is sharing. Her guests are all from different backgrounds. I am glad my friend told me about this show.

Just found this on a search she is good

Thank you coralyn for sharing your story and finding unique guests. Enjoying your show.

Cool topics

Enjoying her episodes informative yet fun.

Really informative

Thank you for sharing. Looking forward to hearing other episodes. Thank you

Sexy, informative, and fun!

My friend recommended I check out this podcast and I can’t be happier! The topics and interviews keep me wanting more and I’m hooked 🙂

This is so good!

What I really like is that every episode honestly keeps getting better she had great guests and what I really like is you can tell she is really intrigued by what her guests have to say This is really a great podcast

Very informative

This podcast was one of the most real, maybe Mistress Tamara might get adventurous. Thank you again for all the valuable information and sharing your experiences. Looking forward to the next podcast.

Very informative

Read coralyn’s book first and her website lead me here. So far enjoying her guests and looking forward to hearing more.

intelligent and informative

it is nice to hear advice and stories from someone who has experienced this lifestyle. Enjoying each week so far. Thank you for sharing.


I have been around the kink world for many years and Coralyn really knows what she speaks about!!!

Special Person book lead me here

Coralyn is not only beautiful but truly a very special person,listen to her. She knows what she is talking about.

Excited to hear more!

I have listened to all of them so far. Looking forward to seeing the guests she brings on. Getting your book coralyn.

She Knows Her Stuff

Coralynn engaging personality shines through. Very informative. If you are shy but want to try LISTEN she will make you feel welcome!

Coralyn is so easy to listen too

I read her book and follow her social media so that lead to me here. I look forward to seeing what guests she brings in and what other topics will be discussed.

This is very informative

I am actually starting a fan page and was unsure where to start so this is great. Informative and simple to follow her suggestions

Great show!

Informative, educational, and sexy. Coralyn is great! Can’t wait for more!


The best podcast by far!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone actually with all the knowlege and experiences and who can give valuabe insight on all the interesting topics you want to know. This podcast is as amazing and rich as its host. ;)

She seems very well rounded and overall extremely knowledgeable

I read her book on her website and noticed that she now has a podcast. Very interesting lady with informative information, Worth your time listening and get an exclusive behind the scene information into a world so interesting. Ready to hear more

Great advice; point of view

Always wanted to know how this industry works and I can’t wait to learn more!!


This is very interesting to learn about how you got started. Can’t wait to learn more.

Entertaining and educational

Coralyn has a plethora of experiences from her life and career that are not just entertaining to hear, but also imparts some sage advice and valuable insight to many things related to the adult entertainment and swinger/kink lifestyles. Definitely worth a listen.

Good stuff

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight with all of us. I really enjoyed all of it and am looking forward to learning more.

Love the realness!

Coralyn inspires me. I love that she holds nothing back when it comes to the truth of the adult industry - pros and cons alike, and at the same time is excited about the career she loves and helping others do it right! She is such a positive force in the world and in this industry and I'm excited for all the great episodes to come!

Very informative!

Great information for people who want to pursue this type of career .

Very informative topic

I read her book so then from her website saw her podcast and I find her very intriguing and informative. She is easy to listen to and I am excited to hear more. Looking forward to hearing her topics she will explor. It's a whole new world for me.

Love This Girl

Great stuff, very informative.